Russia is a new word in medical tourism

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 Some interesting facts about Russian medicine

Russia is a country with great potential for diagnosis and treatment

High-tech areas of medical services

 These include cardiology, dentistry, plastic surgery, etc. One of these areas is ophthalmology, Eye Microsurgery Center named after academician S.N.  Fedorov, due to the high professionalism of the staff and the uniqueness of the applied technologies, is widely known not only in Russia, but also abroad.  The clinic annually receives about 5,000 foreign patients from more than 100 countries.

European level at reasonable prices

 Prices for treatment in Russia, due to the difference in exchange rates, are several times lower than in Europe, South Korea and India.  For example, a patient in Germany will pay 15,000-20,000 Euros for a course of radiation therapy «CyberNozh»,(Cyberknife) in the USA from 20,000-200,000 $, and in the Russian center 4,000-5,000 Euros.


Highly qualified doctors, many have an international reputation

 Currently, there are many highly qualified specialists in Russia having impressive experience of practical activity.  For example, in 2017 in Novosibirsk, a unique operation was performed at the Meshalkin Cardiology Clinic: a girl was installed two mechanical hearts that work in parallel and pump blood for different departments. 

Advanced material and technical equipment.

 Over the past decades, Russian medicine has progressed significantly.  The Government of the Russian Federation actively supports the development of innovative medical technologies. Leading clinics are equipped with the latest medical equipment.  A striking example is the Proton Therapy Center, which attracts patients from around the world.

Powerful educational base

Russia entered the top six countries by the number of foreign students according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Of the 313 thousand foreign students of Russian universities in 2016/2017 - about 20% chose the medical direction, trusting the quality of Russian medicine.

 The combination of rest and treatment

Clients of Russian clinics comfortably combine treatment with sightseeing in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, whose historical centers or related architectural complexes, monuments are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Clinic for the patient, not the patient for the clinic

Пациент с Healthcare Nurse

We have established partnerships with almost all the leading clinics in Russia, we know their specializations and capabilities, but we do not lobby for any of them

​We carefully advise clients, identify their individual needs and provide an opportunity for weighted self-selection of an institution for treatment.

Learn more about leading clinics in Russia

Clinic Academician S.N. Fedorov

High-tech areas of Russian medicine


Our doctors in these areas have achieved significant success and worldwide recognition:

  • Ophthalmology

  •  Dentistry

  •  Urology and Gynecology (IVF)

  •  Plastic surgery

  •  Cardiology

  •  Oncology

  •  Diagnostics (check up)


First Medical Center

multi-profile private clinic

Expertise confirmed by practice.


Cancer detection technology in an hour

Rescue after a stroke, the only mobile X-ray in the world, non-invasive (contactless) blood glucose meter and so on.


5 unique Russian developments for our health.

Rescue after a stroke, the only mobile X-ray in the world, non-invasive (contactless) blood glucose meter and so on.



The profession of a doctor has always been famous in our country for heroism, because it was our doctors who repeatedly performed medical feats, each time proving to the whole world that the impossible is possible.


Time for health and travel!



heart of Russia


We will become your personal medical consultant

  • We specialize exclusively in Russia: we thoroughly know the local system of medical care, we have complete information on each partner clinic.

  • We work with more than 30 medical institutions, personally acquainted with many employees and owners of medical institutions.

  •  We provide comprehensive medical consulting: examining a patient’s primary medical records, comparing and analyzing possible treatment methods, choosing a topical medical institution, Advisory support at all stages of treatment.

  • We provide a whole range of service and travel services.  Full group and individual support: booking tickets, hotels, and leisure activities

Thanks clients motivates us to move on

On the friends’ advice I had contacted B.F.Consulting Med for a consultation regarding a nose surgery before my wedding. I flew to St. Petersburg. I was met at the airport, accommodated in an apartment in the city center. On the following day there was a surgeon's consultation and an examination. 2 days later the surgery took place. I spent 24 hours in the clinic after that. Now I can assure that I am pleased with the result! My recovery period lasted for 16 days. Within this period I enjoyed 3 individual excursions. I really admired the Hermitage in the evening time! I also cannot but mention the great Russian cuisine.

Thank you for helping with travel arrangements and the surgery!

03.05.2018, Sitara Tanwar, Chennai, India


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