How we are working

Let's organize a trip for treatment in Russia: we will guide you from the application to returning home.

1. You leave the application

2. We contact you and discuss all the details.

3. We select a clinic, a doctor according to your specific situation.

4. You receive an individual proposal for a medical program with a detailed description and an indication of its cost. *

 5. We solve all the issues related to the trip: booking air tickets, hotels near the clinic, if necessary we will organize a tourist program for you and accompanying.
 6. We agree with the clinic all questions on the organization of diagnosis and treatment, accompany you at all stages of your stay, provide a medical translator

 7. We organize a meeting and transfer from the airport and back.

You will receive a detailed algorithm of our interaction in the individual offer *

The treatment plan and estimate will be provided to you in advance

The treatment plan and estimate will be provided to you in advance.
Specialists give an expert assessment of the situation and offer a detailed treatment plan with a budget.  Drawing up a treatment plan, we take into account the wishes and needs of clients, selecting the very clinic and doctor where the treatment will be as efficient as possible. Having a plan and a budget in your hands, it will be easier for you to make an final decision.


At the request of the client we can provide additional services: written medical translation, visa, search for accommodation (for out-of-hospital treatment), transfer, translation services, selection of excursion programs, booking tickets to the theater and concert programs and more.



"Second opinion" - standard practice

Улыбающиеся медицинской PERSONEL

Medical statistics show that on average every third diagnosis is questionable.
With our help, you can get additional verification of the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Ordering the "Second opinion", you will receive:

  • understanding the correctness of the diagnosis or clarify it;

  • the prognosis of the disease from other specialists competent in this field;

  • information on alternative treatments and their benefits;

  • the result of comparing the Protocol of the proposed treatment with the recommendations of professors of Austrian clinics;

  • confidence that the treatment is correct;

  • additional psychological support.

"The second opinion" is expressed not in words, but has documentary evidence.
The patient receives an official conclusion in German and Russian, printed on the letterhead.


Payments for medical services directly to the clinics of Russia

When you contact us, customers receive the same price as the direct personal treatment in the clinic. The money is transferred directly to the account of the medical institution. If necessary, we will help you to pay correctly.
With the account for further treatment, you can read in advance to correctly calculate your budget.