year of education: 1955
address: Russia, Moscow, Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, house 59A, Rublevskoe shosse, 135, Leninsky Prospekt, 8 K7

Main objective:

Combining research activities with advanced medical Advisory programs to provide medical services of the highest class in the field of coronary and vascular surgery, cardiac surgery


  • it unites two leading cardiac institutions of the Russian Federation - the Institute of cardiac surgery named after V. I. Burakovsky and the Institute of coronary and vascular surgery. Thus, the center has rightfully earned the status of the key medical institution of the country in the direction of "cardiovascular surgery".

Institute of cardiac surgery. V. I. Burakovsky

Department of radiosurgical methods of heart and blood vessels research and treatment

Department of non-invasive Arrhythmology and surgical treatment of combined pathology

Laboratory of Express diagnostics

Clinical and diagnostic Department

Department of surgery of older children with CHD (after three years)

Department of surgery of young children with CHD (up to three years)

Department of reconstructive surgery of newborns and children 1 year of life with CHD

Department of intensive cardiology of premature and infants with CHD

Laboratory of perinatal medicine

Laboratory of intraoperative diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias

Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation

Department of intensive care and intensive care for older children with CHD

Department of physiotherapy and physical therapy

Department of cardiac surgery patients rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation medicine

Department of emergency surgery of acquired heart defects

The Department of reconstructive surgery of the aortic root

Department of reconstructive and plastic pediatric surgery

Department of cardiology, resuscitation and intensive care

Department of cardiology of acquired heart defects

Department of intensive care for adults

Department of emergency surgery, resuscitation and intensive care of children with CHD

Department of endovascular and intraoperative diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Rehabilitation center for children with heart defects

Cardiology hospital

Operational block

Institute of coronary and vascular surgery:

Laboratory of transmyocardial laser revascularization

Scientific Advisory Department (IC and CX)

Group of monitoring and diagnostics of surgical diseases of cardiovascular system in age patients

The group of ultrasound examinations of the cardiovascular and organ pathology

Group of emergency ultrasound and functional diagnostics

Department of x-ray surgery, electrophysiological methods of research and treatment and testing of the latest technologies

Operational block

Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation of the Institute of coronary and vascular surgery

Department of rehabilitation of IHD patients

Intensive care unit of the Institute of coronary and vascular surgery

Department of reconstructive surgery of heart valves and coronary arteries

Department of surgery of arterial pathology

Department of surgical treatment of cerebral circulation disorders

Department of surgery of combined diseases of the coronary and main arteries

Department of venous pathology and microvascular surgery with complex rehabilitation laboratory

Department of surgical treatment of coronary heart disease

Department of surgical treatment of coronary heart disease and minimally invasive coronary surgery

Department of clinical phlebology

Hospital: single and double rooms with all amenities

Equipment status:

  • innovative medical equipment,

  • ranging from high-precision scanners and ending with robotic surgeons.

Key competence:

  • treatment of coronary heart diseases;

  • the treatment of ischemic cardiomyopathy;

  • working with multifocal atherosclerosis;

  • work with combined cardiovascular pathologies;

  • surgery of heart defects of any origin;

  • treatment of heart rhythm pathologies;

  • heart failure;

  • pericardial pathology;

  • myocardium, including cardiomyopathy;

  • all types of vascular pathology;

  • treatment of cardiac tumors.

  • target and complex diagnostics


In the state of academics, professors, doctors of medical Sciences, candidates for doctors of medical Sciences, doctors of the highest medical category. Many of them are members of the European communities and world associations(European society of cardiology, , authors of more than 700 scientific articles in the Russian and foreign press, authors of scientific inventions and rationalization proposals.

Important fact:

  • Here appeared the world's first Rehabilitation center for children with congenital heart disease.

  • The centre is the base for the implementation of the bole 12500 operations, including 5,000 operations "open heart in the conditions of one clinic". No medical institution in Europe has not reached such indicators

  • Developed and patented its own method of treatment of arrhythmias

  • Unique operations are carried out in the Bakulev center. With the help of laser and stem cells literally create new vessels. And all this on the Russian equipment, which has no analogues in the world.

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Rescue after a stroke, the only mobile X-ray in the world, non-invasive (contactless) blood glucose meter and so on.