Robot-dentist operation without human intervention

Пост обновлен 20 февр. 2019 г.

In China, in the city of XI'an, the robot dentist for the first time in the world conducted the operation completely independently, without human intervention. The clinic staff was in the operating room to intervene if something went wrong, but it was not necessary. He installed the patient two pre-printed on a 3D-printer implant instead of lost her teeth, and the installation error was only 0.2-0.3 mm, which corresponds to the standards of medical care in ChinaWhy it matters.

Why it matters. During the operation, doctors first positioned the equipment, determining where and how the patient will sit and where the robot will be located. Then we determined what movements the robot will make, at what angle and at what depth. Installation of implants was carried out under local anesthesia, and the robot not only worked on the program introduced into it, but also took into account the movement of the patient.

Implications for the industry. The beginning of a long way to transform the medical profession, in which traditional competencies will be 80-90% replaced by the machine.


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