Russia is in the world top in terms of attractiveness for foreign students.

Обновлено: 21 февр. 2019 г.

According to the UNESCO Institute for statistics, today Russia is among the six leading countries in terms of global student mobility. Almost half of foreign students choose to study abroad the USA (19%), England (8%), Australia (7%), Germany, Russia and France (5%)..

This is all the more important, because according to the state priority program "development of the export potential of the Russian education system" by 2025 the number of foreign full-time students should grow to 710 thousand people, and the amount of funds received from the export of Russian education is planned to increase to 400 billion rubles.

In the 2016/2017 academic year, 313 thousand foreign citizens were trained at the universities of Russia. In particular, the signing of agreements on mutual recognition of diplomas with a number of foreign countries contributed to the growth of the number of foreign students. For example, since 2009 Russia has signed agreements with Italy, Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, Macedonia, South Africa, Serbia, France, Cyprus, Malta and Hungary.

Increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of Russian education in the international market of educational services is one of the priorities of the Russian government. And in many ways its solution contributes to the "Project 5-100" - a team of 21 leading universities in Russia. According to the Deputy Director for research of the Center for sociological research ("Sociocenter") Alexander Arefyev, the average share of foreign students in 2017 amounted to almost 14 percent for all universities participating in the project 5-100. Analysts of "Sociocentric" note: the income of Russia from export of educational services since 2005 has increased by 6 times. In addition, there is a positive trend of increasing the share of foreign citizens studying on a contractual basis.

The most popular specialties among foreign full-time students in Russian universities are engineering (22%) and medical (20%). The leaders of the students of correspondence departments-Economics and management (39%), the second law (10%), the third social Sciences and Humanities (9%).


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