The first clinical medical center

year of education: 2013

address: Kovrov, Vladimir region.

Vatutina street, 90

Main objective:

The first clinical medical center is a multi-profile private clinic of a fundamentally new, unique format for Russia, based on the use of advanced world technologies and standards, the latest equipment.

The center is a unifying platform for the implementation of breakthrough ideas and methods at the intersection of basic medical research, medical technology, smart medical equipment and medical services, mainly high-tech medical care.



  • Out-patient Department(adult and children's)

  • Surgical units

  • Profile departments (27)

  • Diagnostic department

  • Department of HBO(Hyperbaric oxygenation)


Patients Of the first clinical medical center are accommodated in comfortable wards, which are equipped by analogy of the hotel room. In each room — comfortable bed with orthopedic mattress and a button to call medical staff, TV, refrigerator, as well as a bathroom with shower, including for people with limited mobility.


Equipment status:

  • The equipment of the First clinical medical center meets international standards (including the European quality standard ISO) is a medical equipment manufacturers such as KARL STORZ, PHILIPS,CHILLE, PENTAX, ALCON.

  • On the basis of the center there are three operating rooms equipped with the latest medical equipment, there are emergency rooms and intensive care units.

Key competence:

The center provides medical services
53 directions.



  • cardiovascular surgery,

  • cardiac surgery,

  • ophthalmology,

  • oncology,

  • otorhinolaryngology.

  • endoscopy of all levels

  • laboratory diagnostics

  • radiology: CT, MRI, x-ray and mammography

  •  ultrasound diagnostics,

  • functional diagnostics.



to date, the center employs more than 100 specialists in all the presented profiles; 70% of the medical staff involved from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of the Russian Federation; more than half of the staff of the center have academic degrees, are the authors of scientific works and innovation techniques;more than a third of specialists
the center has academic titles and teaches at leading medical Universities in Russia and Europe.

Certification and distinctions:

European quality standard ISO