Free employment for 

medical personnel to clinics and rehabilitation centers in Germany, Austria, Canada and other foreign countries.


"B. F. ConsultingMed" - specializes in the selection

and employment of medical personnel abroad.

Our company, working directly with medical institutions in Western and Eastern Europe, and also Canada, offers employment of the following medical personnel:


  •   nurses and assistant nurses 

  •   nurses/male nurses

  •   obstetricians

  •   pharmaceutists

  •   doctors


Medical degree

doctors and nurses have a medical degree carers have a diploma confirming the relevant education( not necessarily medical)

Professional experience

we provide employment of specialists with experience, without experience and graduates of educational institutions

Knowledge of languages

with knowledge of a foreign language and without an entry level.  Language training from scratch to any level (A1-C2), either remotely or on arrival at the place of work, at the expense of the employer 

Personal qualities-

the desire to develop, improve qualifications, learn a foreign language, as well as the ability to work with people and get the joy of communicating with people who need help.

Clinics and rehabilitation centers offer:

 • Employment based on an employment contract 

• Full social security (medical, work and pension insurance) 

• Paid Vacation

• Working conditions in accordance with European legislation 

• Free foreign language courses 

• Residence permit

• Salary depending on the specialty, work experience, qualification and region of the medical institution 

• housing support at first 

• In some clinics, meals can be arranged at discounted prices (optional)


Support for staff

• We prepare all the necessary documents for the trip (fill out questionnaires, issue foreign passports, etc.) in Russia

• Provide assistance in preparing a resume

* We individually select an employer taking into account your qualifications and wishes for functional responsibilities and the region where the medical facility is located.

• For certain vacancies, a Contract is signed with an employer in Russia before leaving for work.

* Organize the study of all levels of foreign language A1-C1, both in other countries and in the Russian Federation.

• We provide assistance in legalizing a foreign specialist (the whole complex)

* Provide preparation for the interview with the employer

• Provide assistance in the family reunification procedure

• Organize preparation for the mandatory exam for a doctor

• We organize short-term medical practice

* Provide personal support in the country of employment

• Assist in finding rental housing at affordable prices in the country of employment